Competition and Antitrust

Competition and Antitrust

Competition regulation has always been high on the agenda of numerous countries and Rwanda is no exception. In recent years, the Rwanda state competition authority has begun to play an active role in extensively regulating and monitoring business practices in numerous markets as well as protecting consumer interests. As a result, competition laws have proliferated and become increasingly complex.

The lawyers at Colin&Colin are ideally positioned to provide clients with exceptional legal services, assisting them in ensuring their compliance with anti-competitive regulatory requirements and minimizing the risk of infringing competition law. Our lawyers possess deep knowledge and vast experience in a number of key areas of competition and antitrust legislation, including merger control, concerted practices, abuse of dominance, unfair competition, antidumping and other related matters.

Competition and Antitrust Law Services

  • Antitrust

  • Merger control and clearance

  • Abuse of dominance

  • Anti-competitive concerted/restrictive practices

  • State monopolies, market dominant positions

  • Public procurement

  • Distribution, consumer and advertising law

  • Competition investigations, administrative hearing and court proceedings