Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Colin&Colin’s lawyers have long been recognized as industry leaders in Rwanda. Our team has significant experience in factually and legally complex local and cross-border disputes in all fields of commercial law. Our success in dispute resolution is strongly supported by our lawyers’ in-depth understanding of governing laws, commercial customs, and business culture in Rwanda.

Our litigation lawyers have extensive experience in representing our clients in the Supreme Court, the Higher Economic Court, lower courts, arbitration courts as well as before quasi-judicial and competition authorities. We also represent clients in administrative procedures before state agencies and authorities, such as the Antimonopoly Committee of Rwanda.

We provide both pre- and post-dispute advice. Our lawyers frequently participate in the preparation of legal opinions and advice on pleadings abroad. We also assist clients in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgments.

In all our cases, we aim not only to win in court, but also to ensure the enforcement of the court’s decision.

Litigation Services

  • Litigation risk analysis

  • Developing a litigation strategy

  • Developing a legal position on a legal action and preparing legal opinions

  • Collection of evidence, preparing statements of claim, counterclaims, complaints, motions, petitions, appeals and cassation appeals and other service documents

  • Representing clients during execution proceedings

  • Enforcement of judgments as a part of the execution proceedings

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and international arbitral awards

  • Drafting and executing settlement agreements

  • Assistance in administrative inquiries and procedures

  • Arbitration

  • Debt collection litigation, including disputes involving distressed debt

  • Administrative and other disputes with public authorities (tax and customs authorities, etc.) and local government bodies

  • Corporate litigation; disputes related to acquisitions of control over legal entities, in particular

  • Commercial disputes over contracts and other business arrangements

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency litigation

  • Disputes related to immovable property or immovable property rights

  • Labour disputes

  • Investment disputes

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency litigation